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In order to be able to take a decision, we need a lot of information to be processed; nevertheless, it is often impossible to obtain through our own means the information needed. There are cases when we obtain this information, but not in due time, and the information loses its value, fact which can have negative effects.

Thus, in a dynamic society such as the one in which we live, when we find more and more often the trend of being involved in the community life in order to ensure personal security, the need to found private structures similar to the public ones, which are able to perform, in a perfectly legal framework, services of investigation and consultancy, field considered until recently as belonging exclusively to the police, is more and more obvious.

These structures are represented by private investigation companies, whose means, techniques and methods used are similar to those of the specialized public institutions, having clear limits, established by the law, which require that the activities developed by private investigators should not affect the fundamental rights and liberties of the human being.

Also, the goal of investigative activities shall be taken into account; in case of specialized authorities, the goal focuses on the identification of the situations in which the law, in particular the criminal law, is violated, and on the liability in Court of the persons who have performed such actions; in case of the private investigator, the goal is different.

The role of private investigators is to obtain the data needed, which are essential for the decision-making process, as well as uncontestable evidence, obtained with the help of special surveillance techniques, tailing or counter-tailing, which can concern natural or legal persons, as well as movable and immovable assets (houses, cars, etc.).

In this context, we have founded the company S.C. SPY ON S.R.L., a private Romanian company, providing the community a large scale of services, among which: investigations in the economic, financial and banking field, related to moral, ethical, social and legal issues of spouses, identification of material goods, properties and documents in civil right, patrimonial and trade actions, etc.

Our activity is performed on the entire territory of the country, particularly in the area of Iaşi county and of the neighboring counties (Botoșani, Suceava, Neamț, Bacău, Vaslui).
The goal, in any of the cases we deal with, is the same for us: providing you A BIT MORE TRUTH!




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The Ten Commandments of private investigators