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The company S.C. SPY ON S.R.L., having its head office in the town of Târgu Frumos, Ia┼či county, registered at the Trade Register under number J 22/1453/2015, Unique Registration Code: 34889790, has been founded on 14.08.2015, having as unique object: activities of investigation, stipulated by the CAEN 8030 code, according to art. 2, paragraph 2 of Law 329/08.06.2003 concerning the practice of the profession of private investigator.

Our team only includes personnel certified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, professionals having vast experience in the investigation activity, former officers or under-officers from the Police, the Romanian Intelligence Service or the Ministry of National Defense. We also collaborate with young people, who do not come from public specialized structures, but who have chosen this profession and, after an intense training and based on passing the professional examination, have been granted the private investigator certificate and the unrestricted practice license.

The private investigators who are part of our team carry out various investigations, such as: investigation and analysis of certain markets or opportunities, of the competence, of clients, of employees, of partners or of any situation which gives rise to suspicions, having the role and capacity to eliminate any doubt, to reinstate value and to transform any uncertainty in a real fact.

Our activity is carried out through the introduction in the private investigation environment of the latest and most performant technical means and work methods, in order to be able to satisfy the requirements of our clients, offering data and information needed during the decision-making process, in order to provide business security or in order to clarify various personal issues. In this sense, the classic operational supervision activities are accompanied by investigations based on the use of various performant technical means and modern information analysis methods.

We offer the highest degree of discretion and confidentiality, the professional secret related to the actions, deeds and contexts of which our employees take note during the performance of their activity being strictly kept.
In case of people who do not want to reveal their identity, we provide an online consultancy service, through which the client can send us the data needed in order to start the investigative action directly from his/her personal computer.

The proofs that we collect during the investigation, which are always justified by photo, video and/or audio technical means, are subject to an investigative report. The reports issued by our company shall be transmitted exclusively to the client, with the exception of the cases expressively stipulated by law, when, on demand, they can be presented to judicial bodies and to the Public Prosecutor, if they can help to find the truth in criminal cases.
We refuse the cases whose solving would imply the breach of law and of the professional deontology.

In order to fulfill the tasks and objectives supposed by each case, we act directly, but also in collaboration with similar companies.

Despre noi