The contract represents the agreement between two or several persons, who manifest their will to create, to modify or to put an end to a legal relationship.
The conclusion of an agreement represents one of the most important legal means, ensuring the development of social relationships; the agreement is needed in all fields of activity, being present under various forms in the everyday life. That is why it is mandatorily required to conclude a service agreement with the private investigator or with the private investigation company with which you start a collaboration. This agreement shall include exact terms, in order serve the interest of both parties.
Moreover, the compulsoriness of concluding the agreement is expressly regulated by Law 329/2003, art. 15, concerning the practice of the profession of private investigator, which stipulates that “during the organization and development of the activity, private investigators working in specialized companies or in solo practices ARE LEGALLY BOUND TO PERFORM INVESTIGATIONS ONLY BASED ON A WRITTEN CONVENTION, CONCLUDED WITH THE CLIENT”.
We make available a sample of the agreement concluded by our company with its clients, for your reference. The agreement shall be discussed, negotiated and adapted according to the needs of every client, then it will be signed by the contractual parties.

  Agreement sample

Appendix to the agreement