Spy On operates according to the legal provisions in force, based on the operating permit no. 360877/16.10.2015, issued by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police (see photo).
According to Art. 2, paragraph (1) of Law 329/2003, “a private investigator may practice his/her profession, as the case may be, within specialized companies or within private investigation solo practices, founded according to the trade legislation and operating based on the permit issued by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police.”
The operation of certain companies outside the law may lead to unpleasant situations, such as the inappropriate management of the evidence obtained by the so-called private investigators or the situation in which you can become the target of blackmail or threat actions, through the use of the evidence or through their public publication (e.g.: on the Internet).
Also, the evidence obtained by a private investigation company operating outside the law does not have the legal probative value, because it cannot be used before the Court or before other legal authorities.
In order to check the legal status of a company, we recommend you to perform a search on the website of the Romanian police, where you can find the full list of certified private investigation companies and solo practices, in a file which is attached at the end of this page:
You may also find identification data or even tax information related to the company with which you intend to collaborate by introducing here the name of the respective company and the county in which is located its head office or by introducing here its unique registration code, if you happen to know it.
Last, but not least, after having checked that the company is certified and, therefore, it operates according to the legal provisions, you shall ask the person with which you intend to collaborate to show you his/her private investigator ID (photo); if this ID exists, it proves the fact that the respective person owns a private investigator certificate (photo) and that he/she is employed by a specialized private investigation company (photo). Do not forget that private investigators, even if they have a professional certificate, do not have the right to practice this profession outside specialized companies or private investigation solo practices!
Only by following these steps you will be able to choose a team of genuine professionals, who can help you solve your problems!

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