Preturi Servicii

The prices practiced by our company are different from a case to another, according to the case complexity, the number of private investigators involved in the investigation, the costs, duration, etc.
The prices, which can be negotiated within a minimal and a maximal limit, are, by comparison, lower by 20% than the prices practiced by other companies from the field, given the fact that our prices do not include VAT, as the company is not VAT-registered.
Without applying additional costs to clients, SPY ON operates in the area of Iaşi, Botoșani, Suceava, Neamț, Bacău, Vaslui counties; in case of operation in other counties of the country or abroad, additional costs shall be applied, related to transport and lodging.
We hereby present our price table, including minimal and maximal limits within which the price shall be established, corresponding to each type of service:

  • Consultancy prices: FREE OF CHARGE;
  • Prices corresponding to surveillance (tailing) services:
  • - fix price: 10-25 euros/hour;
  • - dynamic price: 15-35 euros/hour (in case of tailing, a team of at least 2 private investigators shall be used);
  • Verifications before employment (checking the CVs of future employees): 100 up to 250 euros (in case of management positions);
  • Checking the conduct and public morality of a person/of an employee: 15-25 euro/day;
  • Checking the loyalty of an employee occupying a lead position: 15 euros/hour;
  • Checking/establishing the good standing/solvability of a natural or legal person which may become a business partner or of a current partner: 100 euros for natural persons, 250 euros for legal persons;
  • Prices corresponding to the infiltration of our personnel in companies/shops, in order to identify corrupt or unfaithful employees, as well as leaking of confidential information: 50-100 euros/private investigator/day;
  • Accompanying merchandise transports/truck pursuit: 200-300 euros/transport + 1 RON/km drive;
  • Checking and testing the measures related to the protection of data, documents and companies in general: 300-500 euros/action;
  • Verifying and testing bodyguards: 150 euros/action;
  • Counselling, proposal of real, operative and effective solutions for the protection of the company: 500 euros/objective;
  • Searching for missing persons: 100 euros/day;

For any operation, a minimum advance payment of 50% of the contractual price shall be paid.