• Investigation and collection of data on the activity of commercial companies, on the competitive market or on the possibility to develop one’s own business through the identification of new market sectors and of possible business partners;
  • Investigating and supervising potential or current business partners in what concerns their solvability, good standing, patrimony or seriousness related to the fulfilment of contractual obligations;
  • Detecting abuses, frauds and fictive transfers, aiming at prejudicing the interest of the company, as well as providing consultancy in order to ensure the security of the company;
  • Testing the loyalty of employees, through conspiracy surveillance and infiltration in the head fices of the company, as well as through the direct contact with the subjects, carried out by our employees, using a false identity, in order to establish their correctness in fulfilling their professional tasks;
  • Verifying the fulfilment of job requirements by future employees, as well as investigating their entourage;
  • Identifying movable and immovable assets of employees, partners or clients, in order to establish the possibility of legal recovery of an eventual damage caused to the company;
  • Investigating and establishing the credibility of data included in CVs by potential employees;
  • Verifying the loyalty and correctness of employees;
  • Accompanying merchandise transports during trips;
  • Verifying and testing bodyguards;
  • Counseling, provision of real, operative and effective solutions of protection against secret information leaking from the company, through the employees or because of the low degree of cybersecurity of the company;
  • Getting, in general, any kind of information requested, with the exception of cases violating the law or the professional deontology and whose solving does not belong to the exclusive competence of public specialized structures.

When a case investigated by us is completed, a written report shall be drawn up, which shall be stamped and signed; the report shall include only real and objective aspects serving to present the evidence, without personal interpretations. The reports issued by our company may be used, according to the law, as evidence during Court trails.