• Investigations carried out through pursuit and surveillance, concerning the conduct and public morality of a person, in particular conjugal investigations (unfaithfulness, adultery, passions, relationships, vices or hidden patrimonies, undeclared children, etc.);
  • Investigations carried out in order to establish the identity, civil status, address, occupation, lifestyle of a person;
  • Identification of movable and immovable assets from a property, as well as of the assets transferred in bad faith in the property of other persons, in order to generate damage or to avoid the payment of debts.
  • Investigation and physical and/or video surveillance, through specific technical means, of movable or immovable goods, which are subject to civil, criminal or commercial litigations or which, without constituting the object of a litigation, should be strictly supervised, for security and protection reasons.
  • Investigation of the behavior of minor children, of their entourage, habits, daily routine and hidden concerns, in order to protect the family and to provide parents with the chance of psychological rehabilitation of the supervised child;
  • Testing people’s loyalty, through the infiltration of undercover agents in their entourage;
  • Investigating the conduct and morality of the employees working at the beneficiary’s residence (video surveillance of nannies, housekeepers, drivers, etc.);
  • Getting documents in order to establish the civil status, filiation, kinship, succession right, etc.;
  • Verifications concerning persons who are missing from their domicile, other than those concerned by the exclusive competence of public specialized structures;
  • Investigations that shall lead to the collection of evidence and counter-evidence or of other information needed in trials, to the identification of witnesses, etc.;
  • Investigations concerning any other activity that do not violate the law or the professional deontology and that are not exclusively attributed to the authorized public authorities.

When a case investigated by us is completed, a written report shall be drawn up, which shall be stamped and signed; the report shall include only real and objective aspects serving to present the evidence, without personal interpretations. The reports issued by our company may be used, according to the law, as evidence during Court trails.