The tab = to watch someone in a discreet manner (not like the one pursued to notice);

Track = to go, to move, to run after somebody, someone's footsteps (to verify, to get, to catch or to take someone under observation); to supervise;

Coverage = a. Detail of levelling (Hill, height) or prevents planimetry terrestrial observation. b. Overview of measures to protect personnel and objectives against observation. c. the geographical area in which it can be used as a mobile phone. d. measures to protect a person, a document, an operation, a body or an installation against leaks of information and counter any effort of research and observation. e. working way of private detective that he hides the quality he has, through the adoption of quality, which will facilitate solving of tasks in which it is involved;

Research = set of actions for the Organization, management and execution of the tasks of collecting and interpreting information, necessary knowledge to permanent and factors involved in a dispute;

Activity of public relations and information = continuous and systematic leadership, which aims to obtain firm understanding, sympathy and support from those with whom it has relations, aiming at the establishment and maintenance, by the management company, the corresponding ratios within the community and between the community and Romania can make different sectors of civil society;

Informative activity = a process continuously and systematically organized, executed, as a rule, secretly, to search for, collect, obtain, verify, evaluate, analyze, synthesize and harness the information necessary for the construction, warning and informing estimations of the client;

Information-defensive activity (Aman concluded) = component of that General information activities aimed at the protection of all data, knowledge and values that are important for your opponent; to prevent the spread of that information that could be exploited by adversary; to identify and apprehend anyone attempting to obtain unauthorized information;

Informative activity-offensive (espionage) = component of that General information activities aimed at research in the target State acuns, has known him for all the information it retains and protects under cover of secrecy;

Corrective action = action taken to eliminate the causes of certain non-conformities, defects or other undesirable situations, existing, in order to prevent their recurrence;

The informative action = organizational framework in which planned, systematic, offensive and in strict confidentiality, the tasks of knowledge, documentation, monitoring and timely prevention of threats that can affect adce (moral and material damages) the natural or legal person, under observance of the laws and regulations of information;

Preventive action = action taken to eliminate the causes of certain non-conformities, defects or other undesirable situation possible, in order to prevent their occurrence;

Adultery = a. (About spouses) who has violated a marital fidelity; b. Act in violation of conjugal fidelity by one of the spouses;

Opponent = averse, rival, enemy, enemy, he entered;

Alien agent = person used by a foreign State or organization to harm public or private interests of another State;

Agency/Bureau of private investigators, legal person constituted = according to the law, as the company which has as its sole supply of checks, investigations, research, documentation, monitoring of targets designated by the customer and the communication of the results of the actions carried out;

Alert = signal that warns of the existence of a real threat or a threat;

Algorithm = a. a set of instructions (activities) that can be executed for carrying out a particular task; b. Description of scheme of realization of an event using a finite set of elementary actions a priori predenumite, achievable, and having a limited duration in time;

Alignment = a. Line determined in certain elements of levelling, planimetry and chosen according to the importance of what he presented to a particular course of action; b. The land determined, at some point, important goals for carrying out combat actions of present and future or disposition of forces and means in fighting device;

Allocation distribution process forces = some forces and resources, to carry out an action. Allocation may include, for example: subordination, short-term support, operational control;
Threat to be countered = danger, representing the sum of the potential hazards that should be considered when designing a system, in order to ensure its operabilității in a hostile environment (real conflict situation);

Unpredictable threats perceived as such threats = due to uncertainties related to the ability to predict the date of the next conflict, who will be the opponent, how will the fight, who will be teammates or to address customer requests;

Content analysis method research = messages, having as its target the Elimination of bias of the researcher; a technical description of the research objective, systematic and quantitative content of the manifest;

Image analysis research method = messages, having as target profiling of image of the subject researched;

Analysis of information = activity carried out by the private detective and specialised bodies, detailed research purposes and in their connection to all elements of the data obtained from different sources (remedies);

Informative analysis on scientific research method = which consists in decomposition, aiming to seize the relationship between ideas/constituents and to implement a scheme of the Assembly. Is one of the stages of processing of the information is subject to a detailed examination in order to be able to identify significant facts necessary subsequent interpretation of the phenomenon, situation, etc., and materializes in an informative summary document ordering = together into a coherent whole, structured and homogeneous, various elements of knowledge pertaining to a particular domain/space; is one of the stages of processing that allows examination and correlation of information processed with other data and information to achieve a final interpretation;

Obedience = sport process which consists of eavesdropping (wiretapping) without special equipment, from places favorable actions of the investigated subject (discussion, noises, etc.) on the basis of which it deducted its activities and intentions;

Mental attitude "preventive" = attitude which is aimed at anticipating possible threats and risk preparedness, almost imperceptible. Aimed at extinguishing, since the initial phase of outbreaks of conflict, of which extension, just as out of control, it could harm the interests of a party;


Database = exploatabil set of direct information, generally structured in database and covering a specific field;

Database = database structured collection of one or more fields of application, in order to make them accessible at all times by user programs as a whole;


Camouflage = actions taken as a whole for the purpose of concealing the opponent of an observing objective pursued by it;
Communication channel = technical unit made up of communication and line terminal equipment through a communication is performed between two correspondents;

Channel information = information source from the road to the Centre through which to enter in possession of valuable data and information from diverse fields;

= A. Abilittea capability to execute a specific mission pursuant to a plan (capacity may be accompanied or not by intent); b. the provision conferring the ability (ability) to someone to do something in relation to the circumstances and conditions under which it is to be transformed. The term can be given of the "able";

Empowerment = to put someone in a position to carry out an action; do not fit a person to perform a task;

Capacity training skills, knowledge = ensemble, psychological and behavioural communal skill needed for private detective action determined. It is functional, multipath competence;

Persuasive capacity = a person's ability to influence other people to acquire a sea, an attitude, a way of action, one goal or even a particular affective response in relation to the environment, using convincing verbal or written, through real or false information;

Professional competence = a whole working knowledge and skills required of a person for the performance of a particular task;

Search for information = a process involving the primary orientation of the informational effort criteria in certain areas on certain problems, i.e. places where microorganisms can be threats to customer/beneficiary, or their vectors on the one hand;

Research = a. form of Romania can make what should cover all the measures taken in order to obtain information about subject/object under investigation. b. Mission executed to obtain information about the subject being investigated by Visual observation by means of optical, acoustic, electronic, photographic or other miloace;

Research by observation research process executed = with the naked eye or with optical instruments for obtaining information about the subject being investigated;

Center for analysis and decision = are established, conceptually, from people with functions and specialties within a team which participates directly in the analysis of the situation and decision making;

The cycle sequence of operations information system = (activities), in stages, in order to obtain data, transforming them into useful information and putting them at the disposal of the beneficiary (applicant). This sequence includes four stages (phases): initiation, collection, processing, dissemination;

Circuit road information system a = information to generate up to rank or disappearance;

The encoding information scope of activity = transformations, code country information "uncovered", in order to obtain information "covered";

Compatibility of capacity = two or more items or components of a subsystem to exist or function in the same system or environment with other subsystems, without mutual interference and produce;

The behavior of Adaptive reactions, Assembly = objective-a person's observable response to stimuli from environment;

Communication = a. Action to communicate and its outcome; b. in the broadest sense, means the transfer of information from one system (physical, biological, psychological and social); c. the process of issuing a message and its transmission, in a codified manner or not, using a channel to a recipient in order to reach;

Communications information transfer = compliance with pre-established rules on the basis of an agreement; Science and practice of information of any kind from a person or place, or other place, except in the case of direct conversation unattended;

Privacy = data quality/information gained by eliminating unauthorized access to these opportunities;

Access control = security service that relates to the ability to control access to resources on a system entities thereof, assuming that the entity known intention requesting access;
Co-operation = form of social interaction that involves concerted action (the same or complementary) several people/groups/organizations in order to achieve a common goal, the results of which would benefit all parties concerned;

Correlation = process of Association and combination of data about a single topic or material from independent observations, in order to improve the quality of information or a quotation for lifting crude;

Collection of collecting action =, to gather, to collect;

Gathering information = is a process planning subsequent search operation, consisting of the actual activities of collecting information from the various categories of sources: open, public, official and confidential;


Date (date) = a. Word, figure or sign that reflects the various facts and circumstances spent. b. Forming phytogenic therefore information; c. generic name signifying information (information), transposed into the right format, necessary processing through computer systems or communications;

Informative data = items (communication), in the fields of interest, which can be used (used) for the production of information (procurement) of viable and useful;

Intelligence = those data which are acquired for the purpose of drawing up the action plan; They include the data that make up the study objective, its location, as it can penetrate into the goal, all the security devices which protect the objective, the identification of persons having access to them and how to perform security checks on these individuals;

Raționare = process of deduction from general towards privacy, dragging it conclusions from premises. Deduction can explain an event showing that those conclusions concerning the event represents a logical consequence of the premises. Deducției process starts from a premise-a generalization considered true under certain conditions. The premise of the event is to be explained. If there is a link between the orderly, logical premise and conclusion, the latter can lead to an understanding of the event, adding the theoretical Assembly used as a starting point. Conclusion validity depends on the validity of the whole premise and logical process used;

Clear definition of the objective (of the Mission) = setting that responsibilities which may be fulfilled and which is decisive, necessary and corresponds to the characteristics and needs that will be engaged in action;

Deghizaj = partial or total change of appearance (appearance) of private detective and technical means used materials (clothing, portable objects etc.).

Private investigator = person professionally attested to carrying out specific activities for the investigation on behalf of a natural or legal person, collection of information useful to an employer and the operation of such information, with strict observance of the law and professional ethics;

Misinformation = a. any intervention on the basic elements of a process is that modifies messages carried by deliberately aiming to determine recipients certain attitudes, reactions, actions that a particular agent; b. activity "production and distribution of information to the opponent, news, false data; c. Procedure used for misleading the opponent which consists of the measures and the use of various means to provide false information, opponent meant to lead him on the wrong tracks; d. to inform wrong (intentionally);

Dezmințire = process countermeasures through which it denies the veracity of information content, news, rumors, and data released by the adverse party;
Diciplină = professional set of rules that guide the conduct of individual and team in carrying out their duties. A mandatory character, both within the firm and outside it. Strict observance and unconditional claim by private detectives, order rules and provisions, thus, one of the most important factors which depend on the cohesion of the team and the success of the activities carried out. An essential requirement of professional discipline, ensuring her character is aware, based on the recognition by each private investigator of the need for the fulfilment of their duties strictly in the sense of personal responsibility and on making the distinction between passive discipline (based on compulsion) and discipline (based on adherence to an ideal indoor common and participation); Ensure professional discipline (individually and collectively) are carried out by the action linked to several factors, namely: the motivation of behavior based on knowledge of laws and normative acts in the field; the rigor of the decision; formative action scheme of private detective; differentiated approach, adapted to the characteristics of the psycho personality of private detectives; example of conduct on the part of heads.

Dynamism = power, force, motion;

Social discrimination unequal treatment = individuals or groups in relation to some defining features, such as membership of religious, racial, class, sex or other things. In common parlance discrimination refers to a dominant part of society against one dominated the social life, political, economic or cultural advancement, and involves the challenge of injury to those who are the subject of the action of dicriminare;

Obscuring the true = hide thoughts, feelings, intentions, giving them misleading batsuit (fig.), disguise;

Provision mandatory provision contained in = a law or normative act (set of mandatory provisions) a specific area of activity;

Intense stress, distress = negative high voltage condition that occurs as a consequence of an overloaded and threatening the psycho-physical balance of the private detective, significantly affect all its performances;

= A. diversion attempt to change the course of an operation, to abate (creating false problems) someone's intentions or concerns; deviation, diversion; b. Action undertaken through specific processes (destruction, sabotage, propaganda) for the purpose of causing losses of combat actions, delay or influence the morale of the enemy; c. action that is intended to capture the attention of the target by presenting some topics more "important" and try putting in the shade, eclipsarea propaganda messages of the adversary;

Normative document = set of rules, rules, guidelines or characteristics for activities specific to a field of activity;

DOL (Guile) = misleading a person by means of cunning, in order to make to conclude a legal act;

The right person at the right picture =/institution as its activities are properly reflected in the press;

Efficiency = effectiveness, capacity to produce the expected effect (positive);

Error = a false representation of reality to conclude a legal act;

Estimate activity whereby the = after an analysis process are issued conclusions and proposals (if necessary; possibility; problem-solving manner; material, financial requirements) in regard to a situation, operation or provision;

Operation orb = data collection method by wearing some discussion or hearing of persons who hold information and do not have the necessary training to protect them;


Harmful factor = risk factor whose effect, lead contractor under certain conditions, to illness;

Risk = threat to security and stability of a State, suprastatale structures, etc., that may be an invoice and the military agreement, coming from the field of political, economic, social or ecological;

Reliability = a. ability of a system to perform a particular function under conditions data for a specified period of time; b. property of a functional units to ensure the service you have requested, on the basis of certain conditions and for a period of time;

Faithful, loyal, steadfastness, in = in belief; very devoted, faithful (something or someone). Fidelity = quality of provision, be faithful;

Espial = secretly tracking action of an individual being monitored, suspected that carrying out an illegal activity/contrary to accepted principles of morality; represents the pursuit of a direct and secret people, carried out by specialised teams, aiming to setting addresses, identifying persons with whom I have contact, people watching, photographing some moments and situations deemed relevant during a Chase;

Information document prepared by the personal certificate = private detective of the person being monitored and that includes all the data required to identify and facilitate resolving the best condițiuni objectives required by the client;

Information flow = a. Assembly data, information and decisions necessary for carrying out a particular act or operation activities; b. Overview of information management procedures that allow the movement of documents within an institution, meeting such criteria as: identification of the issuer and receiver, confidentiality, integrity, etc.;

Înșelare = fraud, deceit, deception with purpose of profit by causing a damage;



Immoral, which is contrary to morals = not meeting her principles, which has no moral principle;

Immorality = attitude, demeanor etc. immoral of an individual or a community; the character of what is immoral;

Infidelity, lack of faith = devotion; levity in feelings; violation of devotion towards the husband or wife (in particular);

Infiltration =. Process used to penetrate the enemy as much as possible in secret, with a quantity of forces and means in general. Shares of infiltration is running, usually at night or in conditions of poor visibility, through the portions that supervision by the enemy is harder to achieve; b. conscious Action by which the private detective is introduced as a source of information on a person or a group of people, in an environment which interests him, based on a legendări and a well-established coatings, in order to obtain information and data of interest to the event at which they operate;

Information = data teaching who received an appreciation, i.e. whose legitimacy and importance were established and analyzed how proper;

Informer or person holding = obtain information required in resolving private detective case in which he is employed;

Information = a. term defines the innovations about an object (phenomenon, process, etc.), which can be represented symbolically and skins; b. The Notion that can be represented in a certain format, suitable for use in communication, storage or processing; c. the result of processing of the data. The term also applies to the activity of obtaining this result, as well as bodies engaged in such activities; d. Knowledge capable of being represented in the appropriate shapes and used in communications, storage or processing. (information may be presented in the form of signs, symbols, pictures or sounds); e. processing of data through computers, meaning it is currently assigned to data by means of data transmission for those; f. a deed or judgment made known to an individual or the public; g. any communication that puts someone up to date with a State or a State of affairs; h. any item that can be expressed by means of a code;

Information covered = novelty item that cannot be accessed until after it has undergone operations for decoding or decryption;

Information/intelligence = a. knowledge Element likely to be encoded in order to be stored, processed or communicated; b. Product resulting from the collection, processing, integration, analysis, evaluation and interpretation of the data available regarding the proposed areas of interest;

Insiders information = those constitute "State secret", but nor are they intended for advertising and can be communicated secretly, "secretly" only with the consent of the natural or legal person to which it relates or in legitimate possession of which they are located. In literature, it was considered that, in the absence of any legal phrase explicări "inside information", in respect of the value and importance of their lies to a level below the one of "classified" information, but which, owing to their potential-if active-prejudice to a bin or another of a public institution, political party or operator, advertising is prohibited. Such confidential information might be discussions concerning the negotiation of contract talks between uunui, political leaders, in order to achieve a platform action common ideological times etc.;

Status information = information reflects the State of the situation or conditions of events (phenomena, facts and processes) of the system (running) or to the environment that may influence from several points of view;

Data integrity data quality exist as long as the loss, tampering, accidental destruction of their willful times does not take place or do not modify the content, meaning and form of the information represented;

Poisoning information operation which consists in = to reach the opponent's false information, so as to make him believe what he wishes to believe, and therefore to act as it wishes to operate;

Inventory = document, act, list, register, in which shall be entered, quantitatively and in value, as well as other particulars, material possessions that you possess at the time, the company responsible for their administration;
Investigation of a =. systematic and thorough in order to discover or learn something; b. Activity for obtaining information about a person, event, situation, specific means of collecting information, used by the private detective in solving the cases being worked on; c. a means of information, through which can be obtained by the investigator, the data and information of interest. These data and information are the result of the combined techniques of particular procurement; d. systematic Action of knowledge through appropriate methods and techniques, the process of fundraising and information processing, is seen as a concrete action in the field of research;




Link = contact or communication maintained between the elements of a system to ensure mutual understanding and unity of purpose and actions;

Legendarea = action of the transformation of the private detective in a credible person, with a social function and a suitable environment and good practical situation which has to be solved, to facilitate reaching the information and data that are necessary to solve the case;

Place, point determined, space portion or point occupied by someone or something;

Places to eat-local building or workgroup = rooms, public utility or specially arranged;


Makeup = technique alteration of appearance; the totality of the technical procedures and cosmetics, which contributes to changing face detective;

Manipulation = action influence through certain means of how to think and act of the authorities or of a person;

Media = media or sets of techniques and methods of transmission, providers of centralizați posts a wide audience, heterogeneous, and geographically dispersed;

Message = any thought or idea expressed briefly in a simple language, coded, or secret, prepared in a form in which it can be transmitted by any means of communication;

Message to influence the fundamental element of any = process to influence content, consisting of information transmitted from source to target;

Method = a set of means for realization of a considered purpose; a path, a way of research, system of rules or principles of knowledge and transformation of objective reality;

Method surveillance operative specializing = that conduct, the manner of organization of systemic investigation on research and knowledge of objective reality, and the processes employed to achieve the aim pursued by contract;

Mission clear and concise expression = action and purpose to be fulfilled;

Monitoring, surveillance, tracking = performed by private detective over a person or situation, with the aim of obtaining the data, information and materials that help him to document the objective activity that it has the attention;

Moral, moral = a. belonging to the morals and conduct permissible in a society that practiced, which refers to the moral; Ethics; that is consistent with morality; honest, good moralicesc; b. State of mind, temporary provision concerning power, firmness, desire to endure dangers, fatigue, difficulties; c. courage, strength of mind;

Ensemble skills, moral sentiments =, beliefs, attitudes and norms regarding the relations between the individual and collectivity (family, class, nation, society), which manifests itself in acts, in the manner of behaviour;


Objective/target = any place containing information not only secret or confidential, accessible only by means of collecting information. May be represented by a particular place/environment, a desk with papers, a basket with paper, a physical object, a person, etc.;

Direct observation = private detective activity through which record all the movements and actions of the objective set in the monitoring process;

Get information = process is revealing the information, as a rule, involve active measures, namely the offensive methodology for facilitating access to information, or put them in the record;

Operative = generic term referring to someone (something) working quickly, expeditiously or is active. The term relates directly or indirectly to an action that is desired to be conducted as soon as possible, with efficiency as close to their intended purpose, so final results favorable;

Opportunity = entity property to act at the right time, adequate to the situation or circumstances;


Organizational plan required a = important and complex task, encompassing all measures to be taken to achieve the objectives set;

The planning process through = which determine what is to be done, when, where, how and by whom in order to anticipate and reduce the risks related to its programme leadership, performance, cost, schedule of implementation and logistical support; b. attribute of leadership that represents a set of actions to be undertaken by the variable complexity governing bodies in order to determine as clear as possible of all the elements that characterize the process driven: objectives, subject resources, issues of space, time, tools, methods and procedures used;

The processing of information by which activity = private detective examines the butt and put all the information from all sources used, in order to exploit them, with due regard for the principle of legal objectivity;

Premise, premise = a. initial sentences from Each of which is a conclusion deduced reasoning; b. the basic idea, the point of departure;

Pressure = basic process information to influence psychological plot, consisting of a particular presentation repeated the information content in order to increase awareness and, later, centring on the target of attention certain facts, events, dates, etc., which are regarded as important source;

Forecast based on knowledge = provision of objective laws that govern the probable use of the phenomenon in perspective;

Principle = a. means beginning, spring is a primordial, primary cause, starting point, basic theme, it is also the fundamental thesis, law ...; b. Guiding Principles are general ideas, common to the whole system, that given the nature of the fundamental rules, expressing the essence of legal norms regulating the relations and turning and activities within a community;
Process = means used to reach a certain result; way to proceed; the middle way, proceeding;

Profession = occupation, once on a permanent basis, on the basis of a someone appropriate qualifications; kind of work a person may exercise, on the basis of theoretical and practical training; craft;

Subversive propaganda actions intended for Assembly = communication consistent and systematic of certain information in accordance with the strategies the disintegrative support techniques and processes for manipulating the opinions and attitudes of a social group or community, in relation to certain interests;

Information protection = organizational measures and actions as a whole, information and technological and executed for breaking rules compliance work in the development and exploitation of documents, technical and managerial material in secret and secrecy, and authorized access to data and information is hierarchical, control of information intended for the public, physical protection of the information shall be provided;



Informative report = information document through which relates the data and information obtained in a given period of time and draw conclusions;

Recruitment = work convincing someone to work for a secret service, and is achieved by making it dependent upon the one who it recruits through instilling a sense of confidence; Thus it will feel obliged to fulfill all wishes;

Regulation regulatory action, which normează a certain action, structure of principles and rules of its operation;

Informative network = how to organize the suppliers of information and strategic arrangement of their (stock) to gather the necessary data structures of information and intelligence;


The process of scrambling information = application of some coding procedures in order to "cover" information is transmitted through communications paths;

= Information service is a State authority empowered to gather intelligence information, from inside or outside the State, through specific methods;

System = set of methods, personnel, processes, equipment or units organized to carry out specific functions; set of features (principles, rules, forces, etc.) dependent on each other, forming a whole organized which makes a practice to operate according to the aims pursued;

Information system equipment, Assembly = methods and procedures, and where necessary, to meet the staff functions of information processing;

Intelligence gathering activity = information led the secret, and undercover. The essence of intelligence is access to information;

Stress = tension, strain and discomfort, as determined by afectogeni with negative meaning, frustration or suppression of certain States of motivation (trebuințe, desires, aspirations), the difficulty or impossibility of resolving issues; one way interacțională of the individual and the environment, culminating a tensioned;

Informative structures = totality of public and private organizations which have as their object the collection of information;

Systematic observation surveillance = areas and objectives by means of Visual, acoustic, electronic, etc.;

Professional surveillance information denoting phrase = an act of observation or information tracking;

Source = the person or thing (object, the Middle institution, places, environments) of the obtainable data and information;

Șiretenia = action news information, represents a particular means of combat, which întrebuințând processes as: masking, misleading, guise, misinformation and creating traps, can mislead and surprise the target/objective paralizării and cause him to commit mistakes;

Path = road (route) followed by a vehicle or a pedestrian/individual, passing through several points scored;


Tracking the fundraising action = data and information on natural and legal persons in connection with violation of the rules of moral and/or legal entities;

Watched/f = person who is sought by the judiciary authorities, police, etc. (for an offence committed); action tracking can enter and property of persons, lost documents, etc.;

Chaser/f = person who follows someone (to supervise him or catch him);

Utility = property, ability (actual or predicted by the subject) a good of responding to trebuințe, the satisfaction that you procure a certain consumption good, regardless of the nature of trebuinței (consumption or production);


Checking the activity through which information = private detective exploit information obtained in a given case;

Vulnerabilities of target = items, the weaknesses of the target, recommended to be operated during the performance of Romania can make actions;



A. a rumor = assert (message, narration, unofficial information) not verified, which wants genuine and novelty about a particular case or phenomenon occurrence in or about to occur and the absence, in parallel or in the counter information transmitted (News) official means of mass media; b. a psychosocial phenomenon that constitutes what information it wants genuine and novelty with the minimum possibility of checking information more often than tendențioasă, which run parallel and frequently in national reform with information submitted through official means of communication.



A. a rumor = assert (message, narration, unofficial information) not verified, which wants genuine and novelty about a particular case or phenomenon occurrence in or about to occur and the absence, in parallel or in the counter information transmitted (News) official means of mass media; b. a psychosocial phenomenon that constitutes what information it wants genuine and novelty with the minimum possibility of checking information more often than tendențioasă, which run parallel and frequently in national reform with information submitted through official means of communication.