1. From a professional perspective, nobody is more important than your client;
2. Never accept a mission against a former client, during a period of 2-3 years;
3. Provide the client only the information whose truthfulness is certain, after having previously checked it, using at least two credible sources;
4. Keep the professional secret concerning confidential information sources, which is a warranty of your credibility and seriousness in your relationship with the client;
5. Always observe the desires of your client, with the exception of the cases in which the severity of the facts discovered obliges you, by law, to transmit them to the legal institution competent to judge the respective deeds;
6. Take your time, even if this costs, in order to collect incontestable proofs and to avoid any distortion of reality;
7. Avoid wrong interpretations and misunderstandings, which could affect the global image of the profession;
8. Act with diplomacy in order to gain the trust of reticent clients; this will enable you later on, when you approach technical aspects related to the case solving process, to determine him/her to describe, without omissions or subterfuges, all aspects of his/her business, in order to be able to elaborate an action plan in full knowledge;
9. In your relationship with the client, you shall act with honesty, integrity, loyalty and dedication, using only the legal means;
10. Make all efforts in order to serve your client at full capacity or to direct him/her to another known professional who is able to help him, if the request of your client is out of your depth.
Source: Detective interferences (D. V. CireČ™, B. C. CireČ™)